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Internet Family Fun

Dates of Major Holidays

You are here:
Holidays > Dates of Major Holidays
Here are all the dates for major holidays in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. It is also has how to determine the date of a major holiday.

Dates of Major Holidays 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Holiday 2006 2007 2008 2009
January Holidays
New Year's Day Sun Jan 1 Mon Jan 1 Tue Jan 1 Thu Jan 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Sun Jan 15 Mon Jan 15 Tue Jan 15 Thu Jan 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rule Mon Jan 16 Mon Jan 15 Mon Jan 21 Mon Jan 19
February Holidays
Groundhog Day Thu Feb 2 Fri Feb 2 Sat Feb 2 Mon Feb 2
Lincoln's Birthday Sun Feb 12 Mon Feb 12 Tue Feb 12 Thu Feb 12
Valentine's Day Tue Feb 14 Wed Feb 14 Thu Feb 14 Sat Feb 14
President's Day Rule Mon Feb 20 Mon Feb 19 Mon Feb 18 Mon Feb 16
Washington's Birthday Wed Feb 22 Thu Feb 22 Fri Feb 22 Sun Feb 22
Ash Wednesday ** Wed Mar 1 Wed Feb 21 Wed Feb 6 Wed Feb 25
March Holidays
St. Patrick's Day Fri Mar 17 Sat Mar 17 Mon Mar 17 Tue Mar 17
Spring Equinox Tue Mar 21 Wed Mar 21 Fri Mar 21 Sat Mar 21
April Holidays
April Fools Day Sat Apr 1 Sun Apr 1 Tue Apr 1 Wed Apr 1
Daylight Saving Time Begins Rule Sun Apr 1 Sun Mar 11 Sun Mar 9 Sun Mar 8
Palm Sunday ** Sun Apr 9 Sun Apr 1 Sun Mar 16 Sun Apr 5
Passover * ** Thu Apr 13 Tue Apr 3 Sun Apr 20 Thu Apr 9
Good Friday ** Fri Apr 14 Fri Apr 6 Fri Mar 21 Fri Apr 10
Easter Sunday ** Rule Sun Apr 16 Sun Apr 8 Sun Mar 23 Sun Apr 12
Arbor Day Check Here Check Here Check Here Check Here
Earth Day Sat Apr 22 Sun Apr 22 Tue Apr 22 Wed Apr 22
Administrative Professionals Day Wed Apr 26 Wed Apr 25 Wed Apr 23 Wed Apr 22
May Holidays
Mother's Day Rule Sun May 14 Sun May 13 Sun May 11 Sun May 10
Armed Forces Day Rule Sat May 20 Sat May 19 Sat May 17 Sat May 16
Memorial Day (Observed) Rule Mon May 29 Mon May 28 Mon May 26 Mon May 25
Memorial Day Tue May 30 Wed May 30 Fri May 30 Sat May 30
June Holidays
Flag Day Wed Jun 14 Thu Jun 14 Sat Jun 14 Sun Jun 14
Father's Day Rule Sun Jun 18 Sun Jun 17 Sun Jun 15 Sun Jun 21
St Jean Baptiste (Quebec) Sat Jun 24 Sun Jun 24 Tue Jun 24 Wed Jun 24
July Holidays
Canada Day (Canada) Sat Jul 1 Sun Jul 1 Tue Jul 1 Wed Jul 1
Independence Day Tue Jul 4 Wed Jul 4 Fri Jul 4 Sat Jul 4
Parent's Day Rule Sun Jul 23 Sun Jul 22 Sun Jul 27 Sun Jul 26
September Holidays
Labor Day Rule Mon Sep 4 Mon Sep 3 Mon Sep 1 Mon Sep 7
Grandparent's Day Rule Sun Sep 10 Sun Sep 9 Sun Sep 7 Sun Sep 13
Rosh Hashanah * Fri Sep 22 Wed Sep 12 Mon Sep 29 Fri Sep 18
Yom Kippur * Sun Oct 1 Fri Sep 21 Wed Oct 8 Sun Sep 27
October Holidays
Columbus Day (Observed) Rule Mon Oct 13 Mon Oct 8 Mon Oct 13 Mon Oct 12
Thanksgiving Day (Canada) Mon Oct 9 Mon Oct 8 Mon Oct 13 Mon Oct 12
Columbus Day Thu Oct 12 Fri Oct 12 Sun Oct 12 Mon Oct 12
National Boss Day Mon Oct 16 Tue Oct 16 Thu Oct 16 Fri Oct 16
United Nations Day Tue Oct 24 Wed Oct 24 Fri Oct 24 Sat Oct 24
Daylight Saving Time Ends Rule Sun Oct 29 Sun Nov 4 Sun Nov 2 Sun Nov 1
Halloween Tue Oct 31 Wed Oct 31 Fri Oct 31 Sat Oct 31
November Holidays
Election Day Rule Tue Nov 7 Tue Nov 6 Tue Nov 4 Tue Nov 3
Veterans Day Sat Nov 11 Sun Nov 11 Tue Nov 11 Wed Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day Rule Thu Nov 23 Thu Nov 22 Thu Nov 27 Thu Nov 26
December Holidays
Hanukkah * Sat Dec 16 Wed Dec 5 Mon Dec 22 Sat Dec 12
Christmas Day Mon Dec 25 Tue Dec 25 Thu Dec 25 Fri Dec 25
Boxing Day (Canada) Tue Dec 26 Wed Dec 26 Fri Dec 26 Sat Dec 26
*All Jewish holidays begin at sundown the day before they are listed above

**Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday and Easter Sunday can fall in different months.

Determine Dates of Major Holidays That Change

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Third Monday in January
President's Day Third Monday in February
Daylight Saving Time Begins First Sunday in April
Arbor Day Varies by State Check Here For Date
Easter Sunday Check Here
Mother's Day Second Sunday in May
Armed Forces Day Third Saturday in May
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Father's Day Third Sunday in June
Parent's Day Fourth Sunday in July
Labor Day First Monday in September
Grandparent's Day The Sunday After Labor Day
Columbus Day Second Monday in October
Daylight Saving Time Ends Last Sunday in October
Election Day The Tuesday on or after November 2nd.
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November

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