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Free Printable Bingo Game

Print Out This Free Bingo Game for up to 25 Players

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Printable  Bingo Player Card

About This Printable Bingo Game
Download this free printable Bingo Party Game for up to 24 players and 1 Bingo Caller. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Directions for Bingo Game
Download the pdf file. The bingo party game has 8 pages. Print out the pages on card stock (heavy weight paper), then cut out each bingo player card. Cut out each number on the last page and put the pieces in a bag. Each child in the classroom or party, should have a cup full of candy corn or dryed corn kernels to cover up the bingo numbers as they are called.

To Play Bingo
Each player gets a Bingo playing card and markers. He or she can place a marker over the free spot. The bingo caller draws one number out at a time and announces it. The bingo caller then sets aside the piece for later Bingo verification. If the bingo player card contains the letter/number combination, he or she places a marker over that spot. Play continues until a player has covered up 5 squares in a row, column or diagonal (optional-4 corners).

When a player thinks he has done this, he or she calls out "BINGO". The caller then checks to make sure that he has called all those letter/number combinations. If the player has been verified then he or she is declared the bingo round winner. A tie can occur even though each bingo player card is unique. Another round of bingo can be played by the bingo caller replacing the used numbers back into the bag and the players removing their bingo markers. [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive]