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Internet Family Fun Games and Puzzles
Internet Family Fun Games and Puzzles
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Internet Family Fun Games and Puzzles

Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle

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Internet Family Fun Home > Games > Crossword Puzzles > Valentines Crossword Puzzle

Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle

Valentine Crossword Puzzle, valentines activity


    2. Many people give or send one to friends on Valentine's Day.
    4. Another term for sweets that are given on Valentine's Day.
    9. Sometimes on Valentine's Day, a secret ________ will give you an anonymous present.
    11. If you don't get any Valentines, you might do this into your pillow.
    12. Herseys is one kind of this type of candy.
    15. Roses, carnations, and daisies are these.
    17. When you really, really like someone, you ____ them. Also you ______ your parents.
    19. If you give someone a treat on Valentine's Day, it usually is this. This word is also used in the expression "______ Heart", a nickname husbands and wives call each other.
    20. This expression is often said on Valentine's Day: "___ Mine"


    1. The color of hearts on Valentine's Day.
    2. The fictional character that shoots arrows at people.
    3. These flowers come in many colors, but usually red ones are given on Valentine's Day.
    5. What cupid shoots at some poor unsuspecting person, that makes them fall in love.
    6. If you want to give a friend roses, you would give them this color.
    7. The name of this holiday!
    8. Doilies are usually made out of this material.
    10. Moms and Dads may want to get away for a _________ dinner or weekend.(mushy, mushy, mushy)
    13.One of the shapes used often on Valentine's Day is ______ (plural).
    14. These are made out of paper or material that are lacy.
    15. The abbreviation for the month that Valentine's is in.
    16. The man that this holiday is named after is, _______ Valentine.
    18. If you get flowers for Valentine's Day, you will want to have one of these to keep them in.


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Internet Family Fun Games and Puzzles

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