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Kids, work, and spouse may leave you tired and the last thing on your mind may be getting organized, but if you get organized, then you have more time. I will be the first to admit that I have let things go but in the long run, it only takes more time to deal with everyday. Almost always, spending a few minutes getting organized will save time in the long run.

Here is some help to get organized so you can save some time - time you can spend anyway that you like. (May I suggest a nap, quiet time with your spouse or play a quiet game with the kids)

Printable Calendars
Stay organized with calendars that are the perfect size for the refrigerator. Just print them and write down your activities to stay organized.

Printable Back to School Checklist
Ready or not, they will be going back to school and wouldn't it be nice to have everything in place before hand? Here is a printable checklist to get organized for back to school.

Printable Camping Checklist
Camping is a lot of fun, but don't leave home without the proper supplies.

Printable Vacation Checklist
Getting ready to go on vacation? Here is a list of things that you should do before you leave so you won't have to worry while you are away and you won't come home to a disaster.

Emergency Information
A printable form to fill out with emergency information your kids need.

Printable Kitchen Equivalent Measurements Chart With Emergency Recipe Substitutions
Print out this handy list of kitchen equivalent measurements to keep on your cabinet.

Printable State Postal Abbreviations
Is the abbreviation for Maine ME or MA? Other states are just as confusing. Here is a list of state postal abbreviations that you can print out for handy reference.

State Capitals
A printable list of all the United States capital cities.

US Presidents
A printable list of all the United States Presidents and the years that they were in office.

This Get Organized area will continue to expand. Have an idea for a checklist or do you use one that you would like to share? Submit it marcy@internetfamilyfun.com and it will be included on this site. Be sure to let me know how you want your checklist credited (name or nickname).

Storing Digital Pictures
Digital pictures are great but you need to keep them safe so you will have them for generations to come. Here are some suggestions on how to store your memories. Internet Family Fun

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