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Printable Before You Leave on Vacation Checklist

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To make sure your vacation is fun and relaxing, be sure to print out this before you leave on vacation checklist so you won't come home to a disaster. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

 Prior To Leaving on Vacation
 Stop the mail
 Stop the newspaper
 Write a list of Credit Card phone numbers in case of loss (keep in seperate spot from the cards)
 Make copies of a list of emergency contact numbers to give to neighbors, relatives, pet boarders, etc.
 Make a list of telephone numbers of neighbors, relatives, pet boarders, etc to take with you.
 Ask trusted neighbor to keep an eye on the house - leave a key with them.
 Arrange for pet care
 Do not order anything that may arrive by delivery companies (UPS, FedEx) while you are away (so they packages aren't sitting outside).
 Pay bills right before you leave
 Right Before You Leave On Vacation
 Turn off outside water faucets
 Turn off washing machine water faucets
 Unplug televisions, small appliances
 Put Timers on Lights
 Throw out perishables in the refrigerator and any other food that may spoil.
 Empty garbage can
 Close and lock all windows
Vacation Checklist for Easy Printing

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