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Birthday Family Fun

Birthday Facts
Why do we make such a big deal about Birthdays? Find out here.

Printable Greeting Cards
Did you forget to pick up a card? Print a Birthday card out for free.

Printable Birthday Party Invitations
Having a Birthday party? Print out a free birthday party invitation.

Free Birthday eCards
Send a free Birthday eCard to that special friend on their special day.

Birthstones & Flowers
Find out what birthstone and birth flower is for each month.

Birthday Search Engines
Find out who was born on your birthday and what happened on that day with these birthday search engines.

Birthday Party Ideas
Some ideas for fun Birthday parties without the expense of having it hosted somewhere.

Birthday Party Games
Fun birthday party games for your child's birthday.

Printable Birthday Mini-Gift Bags
Forget to buy a gift bag? With a printer, one sheet of paper, scissors, and glue, you can make a mini-gift in a few minutes.

Birthday Wallpaper
Let the world know that it is your birthday today! Several sizes and images are available for Birthdays.

Birthday Calculator
Find out what day of the week you were born.

Exactly How Old You Are
Everyone knows how old they are but now you can know exactly how old are you in minutes, seconds, hours or days.
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