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Searching for Santa

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Track Santa

Santa is a magical guy! He lives on the North Pole but even with our modern technology we can't find his house and workshop! Why? Let's go search for his house and workshop! First we will need some warm clothes because it is very cold at the North Pole. We will also need some flash lights because it stays dark this time of year. Next we will need $6500 U.S. and air fare to Moscow. But wait! We can virtually visit! I think you will still need to turn up the heat in your house because these sites look cold! [an error occurred while processing this directive]

The North Pole in the Arctic region is a very cold place where people don't live (well except for maybe a few Eskimos). If you don't believe me, check out the Weather Channel's current conditions and forecast at the North Pole. It is dark 24-hours a day for 6-months, then light 24-hours a day for the other 6 months. Thank goodness we can virtually visit! A great site to take a virtual visit is the The North Pole Expedition Site. Also the Children's Museum has highlights of an expedition that includes audio, transcripts and maps. There are no mentions of Santa's workshop, though.

So, many people have gone and yet they haven't been able to find his house! With a little more digging, I think I found out why Santa's house and workshop can't be found! According to Tromsø Geophysical Observatory in Norway, the magnetic North Pole moves up to 15 kilometers (approximately 9 miles) a year! That crafty Santa! He moves his house and workshop around! No wonder we can't find it.

I guess I will join the others and say that Santa's North Pole home cannot be found. But wait! There are a couple of sites that show Santa's workshop were you can virtually visit. Santas-Workshop.org is filled with many activities that your family can do. Also you should visit NorthPole.com which is a really cool site. You can also visit his house and find out what he is doing right now.

Of course on the big night, Christmas Eve, Santa allows himself to be tracked so you will know when to jump in bed and cover up your head. The official Santa tracker is located at NORAD tracks Santa Web Site. Here you will be able to find out where he his so you can be prepared. If he is still far away from your house you can sit back and enjoy the classic Yule Log.

You know in a way I am glad that we weren't crafty enough to find the big guy's house. I think it would have spoiled the mystery around Santa. I know you may be thinking that just because we can't find his workshop, Santa is not real. Just remember that you don't have to see, feel or touch something to believe in it. [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive]