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Halloween Party Games

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Holidays > Halloween > Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games for Your Child's Party

Your kids want to have a Halloween party at your house. Great! But what do you do to keep everyone busy and not have crying youngsters because they got too scared? Here are some fun ideas!

Printable Halloween Party Games

Halloween Charades with printable cards.

Halloween Bingo. A printable Halloween party game for up to 13 players.

Traditional Halloween Party Games

Bob for Apples
Take a tub and fill with water and apples. Each child takes turn trying to get an apple out of the tub without using their hands. Make sure to supply towels as this gets pretty messy.

Pass the Orange Halloween Party Game
Have the children line up in two lines with equal amount of children. Each person at the beginning of the line gets an orange and they hold the orange under their chin. They must pass the orange to the person behind them without using their hands. If the orange is dropped, it goes back to the beginning of the line. The first team to get the orange to the last player in the line, wins.

Pass The Pumpkin Halloween Game
Have the children sit in a circle. Start music and have them pass a small pumpkin around the circle. When the music stops, the one that is caught with the pumpkin is out. Continue till you have a winner.

Make A Mummy Party Game
Divide the children into two groups (or three groups if it is a large Halloween party). Select one from each group to be the mummy. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. When you say "go" each group wraps toilet paper around the mummy child. The first group that emptys their roll of toilet paper wins. You can also give a prize to the best wrapped mummy.

Costume Contest
Award prizes for several categories of costumes such as most creative, most scary, etc.

Feel Box
Set up a table with boxes on it and cut small holes in each box for a hand to pass into the contents. Contents of the box can include:
Fake Fir (werewolf skin)
Cooked pasta (intestines)
Peeled hardboiled eggs (intestines)
Pumpkin Guts (insides of a person)
Pearl Onions (eye balls)
Rubber glove filled with water, rice or flour (hand)
Soft Tortilla (skin)

Party Invitations
Free printable Halloween Party Invitations

Goodies for Halloween Gift Bags
Printable Halloween Games

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