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Internet Family Fun

The Family Computer Area

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Internet Family Fun Home > What You Want to Know About... > The Family Computer Work Area - Desk Safety

Desk Safety

I often hear from parents about how much their children are on the computer at home. I know that parents can be at the computer a lot too - maybe even as much as job would require. The concern is repetitive stress injury from not having the proper equipment and positioning at your home office.

Families have a difficult task when setting up their computer area. We want it to look nice and blend in with the rest of the house furnishings. The work area also, must be adjustable to fit several different family members needs.

Here is a checklist to make sure that you are not putting yourself or your children in jeopardy. This list is reprinted with permission from the U.S Department of Labor, OSHA publication 3092.

Can the work station be adjusted to ensure properposture by
- adjusting knee and hip angles to achievecomfort and variability,
- supporting heels and toes on the floor or ona footrest,
- placing arms comfortably at the side andhands parallel to the floor, and
- supporting wrist (nearly straight) on a paddedsurface?

Does the work area
- provide enough clearance for the feet, knees,and legs relative to the edge of the worksurface;
- provide sufficient space for the thighsbetween the work surface and the seat;
- include arm rests for intensive or long durationkeying jobs; and
- include headsets for use when frequent telephonework is combined with hand tasks suchas typing, using a calculator, or writing?

Does the chair
- adjust easily from the seated position,
- have a padded seat pan,
- have a seat that is approximately 18 incheswide (45.72 centimeters),
- have a back rest that provides lumbar supportthat can be used while working,
- have a stable base with casters that are suitedto the type of flooring,
- have different seat pan lengths (15 to 17 inchesor 38.10 and 43.18 centimeters) with awaterfall design available, and
- allow the seat pan to adjust for both height(minimum of 4 1/2 inches or 10.16-1.27centimeters) and angle (plus or minus 5degrees)?-

Is the keyboard
- height from the floor and the slope of thekeyboard surface adjustable,
- prevented from slipping when in use, and detachable?
Are other inputs/devices (mouse, pointer,calculator)
- at keyboard height?

Is the display screen
- clean and free from flickering, and
- able to swivel horizontally and tilt or elevatevertically?

Is the monitor situated so that
- the work can be performed with the head in aneutral posture for most of the workshift,
- it is between 18 and 30 inches (45.72 and76.20 centimeters, respectively) away fromthe operator,
- the top line of text is at or slightly below eyeheight, and
- there is sufficient lighting without glare on thescreen from lights, windows, or surfaces?

Does the monitor
- have brightness and contrast controls?

Is the job organized so that
- workers can change postures frequently,
- workers can perform different job tasks toreduce intensive keying,
- workers can leave their workstations for atleast 10 minutes after each hour of intensivekeying and for at least 15 minutes after every2 hours of intermittent keying, and
- the workers have received training in ergonom-icsand know how to make adjustments to theirwork stations, chairs, and other accessories?

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