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Internet Family Fun

Post to a List on Facebook

You are here:
Internet Family Fun Home > What You Want to Know About... > Facebook > Post on Facebook To A List

Be A Good Friend On Facebook

Don't Post Farmville, Petville, etc to Friends That Don't Play

Have you seen posts that say:
"I don't care about your farm, your fish, your pet, your mafia"
That is because they are seeing tons of posts from you and others about their games, that they don't care about. Farmville, Mafia Wars, Petville, Fishworld, Treasure Island, etc. all rely on people posting but those that don't play, don't want to see all those posts. I am an avid Farmville player but I only post to those who play the game - my friends that don't play, do not see my posts. Here is how to post to only your friends that play that game.

There are two steps you need to do. First, you create a list of friends that play that game. Then, when you post in the game, you select your list to post to. Your friends that don't play that game won't even know that you are hopelessly adicted to a game (like me). Step by step instructions are below.

---------------------- Step One - Create A List --------------------

Create A List of Friends That Want To See Your Posts

Go to your Facebook page and select "Account", "Edit Friends"

Click on "Friends" on the left hand side of the page under the heading "Lists".
Click on "Create New List"

At the top of the pop up, you will put a title for your list. I use Farmville Friends.
Then you click on your friends that will want to see your posts.
After you select your friends, click "Create List"

You now have a list of friends to post to. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can get back to this spot on Facebook because you will need to edit your list occasionally, especially when you get a new neighbor.

------------ Step Two - How To Post To Your Created List ------------

How To Post To Your List Of Friends

It takes a few extra clicks when you publish a post but trust me it is worth it so you don't upset your other friends.

You will now need to have your game open and be ready to publish a post.

When you have something you want to post, click on the "Lock" next to the Publish button.
Select "Customize" on the menu that appears

Use the drop down to select "Specific People"

In the box directly below, type a couple of letters of your list name in the box below specific people (I type "fa" for Farmville Friends)
Your list name will appear and you can select it by clicking it
Select "Save Setting"
It takes a few minutes for your list to appear after you initially create it. If it doesn't appear, wait until the next time you attempt to post something.
Also sometimes on Firefox, the window doesn't appear completely and you can't see the "Save Setting" button. If this happens, just click the tab button on your keyboard a few times and it will appear.

Click "Publish" just like you would normally

You will need to do these steps for every post but I promise that it becomes automatic after the first couple times of doing it.
The bonus is that you can post all you want to your neighbors without getting your non-neighbors upset!
The extra bonus is that people that you don't want know that you are playing games, will not know by your posts. For instance, my husband finds these games a waste of time - he knows that I play but he doesn't see my posts because he is not on my list for farmville.
Don't forget to update your list when you add new neighbors. If you don't, they won't see your posts and they will miss out on all your goodies.

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