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Internet Family Fun

RuneScape Guide for Parents

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About RuneScape

About RuneScape
RuneScape is a very popular multiple player virtual world, role playing game. Hundreds of thousands players from all the world play RuneScape online. Once you obtain an account you can play RuneScape too. The game is also known as Rune Scape.

RuneScape is a virtual reality game set in an era similar to the Middle Ages. In RuneScape you earn money through obtaining skills such as archery, crafting, smithing, and mining to name a few. You also fight battles against opponents. RuneScape is not a game that is played within a few days, weeks or months - RuneScape is more of a life adventure. RuneScape is a game that is different for everyone that plays because you create you own life in the virtual world and you select your own path. Players chat with other players online with RuneScape's chatting feature which is similar to other instant messengers.

Where To Play RuneScape
RuneScape is at

Cost to Play RuneScape
You can play RuneScape for free. RuneScape does however have a premium package for $5 a month (at the time of this writing) that offers a bunch of extras that helps you progress in the game.

Drawbacks About RuneScape

  • Chatting and RuneScape
    The chatting feature in RuneScape can be turned off but most players use it. Chatting is fun but remember to council your child about the dangers including not sharing personal information and never meeting people in person that they met online.
  • Scammers and RuneScape
    Scammers are in the RuneScape game. While trading, they can change the amount or the item quickly and trick you into paying more for an item than it is worth. You can easily report people for scamming.
  • Passwords and RuneScape
    Apparently there are some people that try to get your password to "steal" items in your account. Be sure to protect your password.
  • Foul Language and RuneScape
    RuneScape has a filter that blocks foul language but many people have gone around it by using alternative spellings.
  • Violence and RuneScape
    Part of the game is battling with weapons. RuneScape also involves magic. This game is not rated.

Good Things About RuneScape

  • RuneScape gives the opportunity to learn skills such as archery, crafting, smithing, and mining.
  • RuneScape help children to learn how to manage money (saving and spending) plus engrains the fact that the more skills you have, the more money you make.
  • The RuneScape game is not limited and you can virtually play forever and not "beat it".
  • According to the children I interviewed for this piece, they all said that "RuneScape is fun!"

RuneScape Tips and Cheats
Although the official RuneScape site is great and informative, there are several RuneScape help sites worth checking out.

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