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Internet Family Fun

Emoticons and Smileys

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Express Yourself In Your Email and Chat

When sending an email, sometimes the feeling is just lost in what you say. Not only can you show your emotions when you write, you can save time with common abbreviations. Spicing up your online communication is easy to do and it will make your message more easily understood. ;-)

The Standard Emoticons And Smilies
(Tilt head to the left to view)
:) Happy Face
:( Sad Face
;) Winking
:-) Happy with nose
:-D Big Smile
:-O Shocked
:-P Sticking Tounge Out

=^.^= Cat
(::()::) Bandaid
@--]---]--- Rose
\-/ (::) (::) Milk and Cookies
*<:)@@ Santa

Character Map Art
To create these you need to type a combination of keys:
When you see Alt then the number, hold down your Alt key, then type in the number to your number pad on the right of your keyboard.

©¿© (Alt0169, Alt0191, Alt0169)
ö_ö (Alt148, _, Alt148)
:-þ (:, -, Alt0254)
Ò¡Ó (Alt0210, Alt0161, Alt0211)
Learn more about Character Map and all that you can do with it including typing ©, , and more.

Common Abbreviations or Acronyms
LOL Laughing Out Loud Or Laughing On Line
BRB Be Right Back
WB Welcome Back
j/k Joking
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
IMHO In My Honest Opinion
TPTB The Powers That Be
ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
<grin> or <g> Grinning
<vbg> Very Big Grin

Want to learn more? Visit A Parent Guide to Understanding What Your Child is Typing - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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