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Internet Family Fun

Spam 101

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Internet Family Fun Home > What You Want to Know About... > Spam 101 > Sending Email That Won't Be Caught in Filters

Sending Email That Won't Be Caught in Filters

With all the filtering of spam going on you should keep filtering in your mind when you send email. Remember that when you send an email it first must not be marked as spam that the intended receiver won't get and then if it does go to their inbox, it must be identified by the intended receiver among all the spam that they receive.

Some spam filters work by scanning the contents of the email for keywords associated with spam like "free" "credit repair" or "mortgage rates". It rates how many instances of these keywords and if it scores high, it is marked as spam. If you send an email with many of these related keywords it may end up being marked as spam and it won't be delivered to the recipient's inbox. Also remember that many spam filters will also delete email that contains objectionable words.

Also remember that the recipient of the email has to scan through many emails they receive and try to pick out legitimate ones from the spam. Writing an informative subject for the email will help. For instance if you just make the subject "Hi", they may not open the email because it didn't draw their attention. It may be better to write "Hi Sue, From John" to catch their attention. Also be sure that the "from" name that your email program substitutes for the email address is informative. You can easily change the name that is substituted in your email program, such as Outlook Express.

Spam 101
Next - Don't Put Up With Spam, Report It
Page 1 - About Spam
Page 2 - Why Spam is Undesirable
Page 3 - How Spammers Operate
Page 4 - How to Avoid Spam
Page 5 - Sending Email That Won't Be Caught in Filters
Page 6 - Don't Put Up With Spam, Report It
Page 7 - Spam Filters

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