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Moms, Dads, and The Kids, Having Fun, While Surfing The Net Together
Internet Family Fun
Internet Family Fun
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Internet Family Fun

Internet Safety for Families

General Information | Learn To Navigate The Internet
Establish Rules | Install Filtering Software
Safe Searching | Giving Out Personal Information
Kids and Chat | Email Safety | Safe Family Webpages
Checking Up On Your Child | Dangers
Your Computer and Personal Information

Whether you are new to the Internet or a well-seasoned surfer, safety for your family and children, should be considered at all times. Most likely you will never be stalked because of being online, but better safe than sorry. The price is too high to make a careless mistake.

General Rules For Internet Safety

  • Keep the computer is a central location in your home, where you can keep an eye on what is on the screen while your children are surfing.
  • Do not give out personal information on the Internet.
  • If a child comes across something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell their parents or teacher.
  • Children should never agree to meet anyone in person that they have met online without their parent's prior knowledge and consent.

    But, there really is more to keeping your family safe...

    Learn To Navigate The Net
    Consider taking a course about the Internet or computing. The more you know about how to use a computer and the Internet, the less likely you will be taken advantage of. There are also many good online tutorials available on the Internet so that you can learn.
    Learn More:
    Internet Help Includes tons of articles on how to navigate the net.
    Know About... Learn more about topics such as World of Warcraft, Ebay and more.

    Rules About Using The Internet
    Make it clear about what you deem appropriate behavior on the Internet. Create a list of rules before you encounter problems. Sign a user agreement with your kids, where you agree to how you will answer certain questions. Make a big deal out of it, because it is a big deal. Children need to be reminded constantly that the Internet can be a dangerous place.
    Learn More: You and Your Child On The Net - An Internet User Agreement, Setting Limits for Your Child Online, Parents are Responsible for Their Child's Actions Online

    Internet Filtering
    Consider installing a computer program that will filter the contents of the Internet before you it comes to your screen. An alternative to installing software, is to use a filtered Internet service provider.
    Learn More: Filtering Software, Monitoring Software, Selecting the Right Filtering Solution for Your Family, ISP Based Filtering

    Finding useful information is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish on the Internet. Children should never try to guess at the address, this usually leads to pornography. Using a filtered search engine will eliminate pornography from your search results.
    Learn More: Safe Searching

    Never Give Out Personal Information On The Internet
    Often children will be asked to give out personal information. You must make sure they understand that this is not safe. A few pieces of information can lead to a disaster. You may also, want to take the time to unlist yourself from Internet telephone directories. If you give out your last name and general location, anyone can easily get your telephone number and directions to your house.
    Learn More: Family Webpage Safety Reminders

    Deciding whether or not your children will be allowed to chat, can be a tough decision for a parent. On one hand, chatting can be beneficial for children, because they get to meet other children and learn other cultures. On the other hand, chat rooms are very dangerous. Most predators will target children's chat rooms. If you decide they are allowed to chat, be close by and watch out for someone that is trying to get too comfortable with your child. Make sure that your child understands and follows the rules about giving out personal information.
    Learn More: Kids and Chat

    Unfortunately, if you have an email account most likely you will get spammed. Spam is unsolicited email that may contain get rich schemes and pornography. I recommend scanning your child's email before they open it to check for pornography offers. Spammers get your email address when you post it somewhere, like to a bulletin board. It is best to use a disposable email address, like a or email account to post with and have an adult check the messages there.
    Learn More: Email Etiquette, Phishing

    Creating a Family Webpage
    Creating a site about your family is a great activity to do as a family! You can share photos and stories with distant relatives and have something really special to share with friends. Knowing how to write HTML is valuable skill for children to learn and they love to show friends their accomplishments Safety here is crucial though!
    Learn More: Family Webpage Safety Reminders

    Check Up On Your Child's Activities
    If you can't be right in the room every minute that your child is online, check up on their activity be viewing your browser's history. If you have a teenager in the house and your history file has been cleared, this should send an alarm warning.
    Learn More: Monitoring Software, Checking History of Websites Visited

    The Dangers
    Unfortunately there are dangers. Kids can get easily abused while online from cyberbullying, solicited for sex and worse. Learn more about the dangers and what to do when you are faced with dealing with these issues.
    Learn More: What To Do If Your Child Is Being Abused Harassed and Defamed Online By Griefers Or Cyberbullies, Report Child Pornography, Talking With Kids About Uncomfortable Issues, Statistics About Internet Dangers, Find Registered Sex Offenders Living Near You

    Your Computer and Personal Information
    You need to be careful to protect your computer from malware such as spyware and viruses. Many of the malware programs are designed to access your personal information which leads to identity theft. Also there are many scams out there to get your personal information.
    Learn More: Home Computer Security, Protect Yourself from Spyware, Phishing, Identity Theft

    Surfing together as a family is the best way to stay safe while online. The family PC can be a great way to learn, explore, and have fun. Spending time together will open up a whole new world of discussion for your family. The Internet can be a safe place for families. Just like driving a car, you need to know the rules of the road, how to safely operate the automobile, and be aware of the dangers. The Internet is no different.

    Today, parents need to teach their children internet and cellular safety. Investigate cellular companies like, financed by Rick Bolander, which provides monitoring and security features that can help you keep your kids safe.

    More Internet Safety

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