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Legal Resources for Families

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The best places to get legal resources online plus some simple legal forms. Remember "you get what you pay for" when it comes to legal advice and nothing will replace the valuable advice of an attorney but when you educate yourself, you can save time and money by knowing what questions to ask your attorney.

Findlaw has information for the public and lawyers arranged by topic. This site is very valuable for current information and links to information that you need.

Free Legal Advice
Law topics arranged by the nature of the case. Has law articles that will help you understand your legal rights. Be sure to check out their legal forms search engine at the bottom of each page of the site.

Legal Forms
This site has several legal forms for real estate matters such as leases and notices to vacant premises.

Katsuey's Legal Gateway
An excellent link directory for legal matters for lawyers and lay people that want to investigate their legal rights.

All About Forms Legal Forms
Over 2000 free legal forms that you can use.

Legal Documents Online
Get free legal documents for living wills, promissory notes, requests for credit report, child care authorization, and many more.

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