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Help With Word to Create a Great Term Paper with Headings, References, Table of Contents and More
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Microsoft Word can save you hours of frustation but if you don't know how to use the features available in Word, it can cause more frustration. This tutorial is designed to help you to write a term paper with little frustration by using headings, automatic insertion of references and a bibliography, automated creation of a table of contents, a cover page and page numbering in headings. If your paper is more than 4 or 5 pages, you should be inserting a table of contents and most likely, you will have references.

This tutorial is documented in Word 2007 on a PC. If you are using a different version, the screen shots will look different.

This tutorial does not use a strict APA format. Your professor will most likely tell you what you need to include in your paper (table of contents, cover page, etc) or they will tell you what format to use (APA, MLA, Chicago style, etc.). Each format has specific requirements for how to layout your headings, the title page format and what sections to include. Purdue's Writing Lab contains all this information. Be sure to follow the information on how to format your paper. This tutorial shows you how to format a paper in Word; not how to format your individual paper.

First we will create a blank document and save it as a docx document. This is accomplished by opening Microsoft Word and then selecting the save option.

If your professor wants a document handed in as a doc or pdf, work on the paper in the docx version and then change it before handing it in.

Navigation of the Create a Term Paper Tutorial
This tutorial was set up as a step by step process so be sure to do the preceding steps first.
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Introduction and Create Docx
Step One: Set Up Fonts and Headings
Step Two: References
Step Three: In-Text Citations
Step Four: Create A Bibliography or Works Cited Page Automatically
Step Five: Setting Up a Section Break Before Adding Page Numbers, Table of Contents and Cover Page
Step Six: Add Page Numbers in the Header
Step Seven: Add a Table of Contents
Step Eight: Add a Cover Page
Step Nine: After Editing
The paper that I created this tutorial with can be downloaded here: SampleWordDocument.docx

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Introduction and Create Docx Video
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